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What is a “Virtual FD” and why does my business need one?

With all small businesses there will be a time where you need professional advice. You might even want to take on a full-time finance director to help your business move forward. But what if you can’t justify the cost? You’re not sure if you need one? Or you don’t want to hire someone full time? This is where a virtual FD can help. The latest technologies and cloud-based solutions mean that you can have access to a virtual FD, without the costs and complications of employing a full-time finance director. No matter your size, stage, structure or sector a virtual FD can bring many benefits to your business.

A virtual FD, but a real adviser

Despite the term ‘virtual’ a virtual FD is very much a human element; a real person to communicate with and guide you through the running of your business. Software will allow you to collaborate online together with a real-time view of your business finances from anywhere in the world. Working together to tell you what these figures mean can give you a much clearer view of your business.

Flexible financial services

Smaller businesses often face the same issues as larger businesses but can't justify the costs of employing a full-time professional. This is where a virtual FD can help - by working along-side your business to act as a sounding board, business coach and trusted member of your team when needed. The flexibility means you can have access to an experienced and trusted adviser for one off projects or meetings, quarterly updates or even if you're alone in business and you need someone to turn to.

Big benefits for your business

With the aim being to help you get the most from your business, you can expect clear and informed advice and support whenever you need it with a host of other benefits including:

  • Save time and money

  • Identify key risks and problems

  • Measure your progress

  • Plan ahead for your future

  • Receive valued advice from experienced professionals

  • Help with business loans and other finances

  • Advice and support with business decisions

  • Help with staffing issues

With a range of options available, we're dedicated to helping businesses no matter how small, with services and expertise tailored to each individual businesses needs. If you’d like to find out more about how a virtual FD could be a great fit for your business get in touch with us on 0800 690 6355.