Smooth and stress-free business exit


Are you looking to exit your business? Without the correct advice and planning, the process can be very complicated and stressful. With all of the important decisions to make, you need an expert to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Working together to plan your business exit strategy

Planning ahead for your business exit strategy allows you to have more control over your businesses future and prepare for the changes. There are a few business exit strategies that your business can choose from:


This option is to close the business and sell all of the assets. If there's nothing else to sell this may be your only option.

Keeping in the family

This option allows you to pass the business on to another member of the family with the appropriate planning.

Selling to staff

This option means you can sell your business to your managers or employees who may be interested.

Selling privately

This option will allow you to put your business up for sale for a certain price and market to potential buyers.

Sell to another business

This option means your business is bought by another business who want to buy out competition or syngergise.

Sell to stock market

This option involves selling the shares in your company on the stock market to potential investors and traders.

How we can help with processes and planning

How are you planning to exit your business? Those that do not plan ahead for their exit often just close the doors and shut down the business with disappointment or have to settle for a less desirable exit.
Reaching a Deal
Our support to allow you to exit your business includes areas such as:
Tax planning to ensure you pay as little tax as permitted on your exit
Advice and support with ensuring your business is correctly valued
Developing practical plans that meet your personal and business objectives
Preparing your business for retirement or the strategy that you choose
Help and advice on choosing which strategy is best for your busines
Managing ownership transition in a family business